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"Strengthening the Extraordinary Bond Between You and Your Dog"

Matt Snyder is the founder and Head Trainer of All About K9 located in Marietta , South Carolina just North of Greenville. Matt's commitment to the canine Profession began in 1994 in New York City where he studied and received his certification in pet care, pet grooming, pet handling, kennel management, and business management at the N.Y.S.D.G.

Continuing with his education Matt enrolled and studied at the North State Canine Academy and received his certification in professional obedience training, behavior modification, and Personal Protection Training . In addition Matt works with various trainers through out the country to stay on top of the latest techniques available to the industry.

Matt has two dogs of his own that he enjoys playing and working with as well. A Catahoula named Solo who he works in dock diving, tracking, and detection work, a Doberman named Koda who is a employee at All About K9. Koda is a very well balanced dog who assist in various training scenarios on a day to day basis.

All About K9 Training is dedicated to "Strengthening The Extraordinary Bond Between You And Your Dog" by continuing to educate ourselves and the public through out the year by attending seminars and workshops.


Mission Statement
At All About K9 Training, our mission is to "strenghten the extraordinary bond between you and your dog" by providing you with the highest level of dog training services available at an affordable price, ensuring that your life with your pet is one of enjoyment and understanding.

Philosophy and Training
Our philosophy is simple: We recognize that each canine and their owner are a unique team with distinctive needs, and we tailor our programs to suite those needs. Our training methods are based on principles designed to motivate the dog to learn and perform, while building confidence in both dog and handler through consistent training techniques. These techniques, used successfully by professional dog trainers around the world, are safe and effective.

Programs we offer:
• 6 Week "OFF LEASH" Program : (Our Most Popular Program)
This course offers freedom from the leash for you and your dog, and results in voice control over your dog from a distance with all commands. In addition to the commands listed below, we also address any behavioral issues that you may be having.

• 3 week "ON LEASH" Program
This program offers complete control "on leash" in and around the house and elsewhere. Your dog will perform the following commands on leash.

• Puppy Program
At All About K9 Training we believe that early socialization is key to the life of a well balanced dog. This program is a great way to establish a strong bond between you and your new friend that will last a lifetime.

• Behavior Modification
Every behavior a dog exhibits is natural but sometimes these behaviors conflict with what we would like the dog to do.

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All About K9 Training ~ All Breed Dog Training Services

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