Greenville, Spartanburg, and Landrum area horses may soon have reasons to “whinny” for joy.

Have you heard about stem cell therapy?  Well, it’s not as spooky as it sounds. First fat is collected from your horse.  The fat is processed, removing and concentrating the animal’s own stem cells.  Then the stem cells are injected into the affected area.

Picture 8Stem cell therapy has been proven to reduce inflammation and to regenerate ligament, tendon and joint tissues.  The results have been pretty amazing…. around 77% of horses treated have had complete recoveries from ligament and tendon injuries, and around 57% of those suffering joint diseases have reported a full recovery.  ALL of the animals receiving stem cell therapy experienced a better quality of life, more mobility and less pain.

Injuries such as torn tendons which would take at least 4 months or so to heal, can be healed with this therapy in a matter of weeks! In most cases 1 treatment is all that is necessary.  Cost per treatment runs around $2,500.  Get more details from your Vet.