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CLHR is a Rescue based out of Greenville, SC. Our purpose and Goal is to save and place Dachshunds, Treeing Walker Coon-hounds and Beagles in need. From Death Row to Couch! We will consider Owner Surrenders on a case by case basis.

Our Mission is to provide a safe, loving home for Treeing Walker Hounds, Bloodhounds, Black and Tan Hounds and Dachshunds abandoned at kill shelters in northern South Carolina and surrounding areas. Carolina Loving Hound Rescue advocates for and affirms the fundamental respect and equal consideration due every animal we are privileged to touch. This guiding principal is reflected in our daily operation of hands-on, no-kill rescue. We provide a safe environment and medical care needed while overcoming physical and emotional scars suffered at the hands of their previous humans, allowing each animal to heal both body and mind. Carolina Loving Hound Rescue will give them the time and psychological space and respect they deserve to facilitate total healing. We will teach them that not all human touch will cause pain but rather that is a source of love, caring and nurturing. Our secondary Mission is to educate and spread awareness that will lead to a better understanding of the Hound breed. By broadening the understanding of what a truly exceptional creature a hound can be with the proper care and training, we open doorways to forever homes that might not have existed otherwise. Carolina Loving Hound Rescue feels very strongly that owning a Hound or a Dachshund is an honor not a right! Through rescue and education, Carolina Loving Hound Rescue provides safe, loving and permanent forever homes for the animals we are privileged to care for.

Our primary focus will be on saving Death Row Dachshunds, Hounds and Beagles in SC. If and when we have open Foster homes we will also pull from our neigboring States. An Animal at a 72 hour facility will immediatly move to the top of our intake list.

Our adoptable pups are primarily survivors of a high kill shelter. We know very little, if anything, when a dog is brought into Carolina Loving Hound Rescue. Each pup goes from the shelter directly to our veterinarian for medical assessment. Every pup will be spayed or neutered. The pup will then go to the Director's home for a determination of the best foster environment for the pup. It is only at that time that a pup will be placed in his foster home.

During foster care, we are better able to determine temperment, likes and dislikes and general habits of the pup. This information will be posted on the website, on our Facebook page and on Petfinder.

The completion and submission of the Carolina Loving Hound Rescue Adoption Application is the beginning of the adoption process for potential forever homes. Our adoption application is an in depth one and this is necessary to find the right home for each pup. Our adoption goal is to permanently place each pup from the rescue...this means for the entire life of the dog.

Out of state adoptions are possible with pre-approved transport. Pups will not be subjected to multi-state mass transit. The risk for disease exposure, theft or loss is too great. Transportation costs will be the sole responsibility for the adoptive family and are not included or a part of the adoption fee. CLHR has partnered with several USDA licensed transport companies.

With a heavy emphasis on saving the medically needy animals our up-front costs for treatment can exceed $600 per animal and has risen as high as $5000. Each animal will receive treatment for both medical and emotional issues prior to adoption. With this in mind, please do not ask for a lowered adoption fee. In order to remain fiscally sound the adoption fee for each animal in our program is $250.

To continue saving seniors and medically needy pups the adoption fees are NON NEGOTIABLE. We do NOT make a profit from our adoption fees.

Finally, Carolina Loving Hound Rescue was founded on a passion and love for hounds and dachshunds who would otherwise perish in high kill shelters. We are a small group of hound lovers and supporters, a family of sorts. Carolina Loving Hound Rescue looks forward to finding the perfect hound for interested adoptive families. We strive to be a resource even after each dog has gone to his new family. We'd love to hear how the pups are doing and to be able to share your new family member on our website. We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our adoptive families and look forward to adding your family to ours! If you want to be a Hound Hero contact us for more information.

We are 100% Non-Profit and solely depend on YOUR DONATIONS! We are small and trying to broaden our base as we speak. Donations for medical bills can be made directly to our veterinarian. You may also make a monetary donation to our Pay Pal account or you can e-mail us for a physical Address!

... Pay Pal is Please indicate what you would like your funds to go towards as well as a mailing address so we can send you a receipt for your taxes.

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Carolina Loving Hound Rescue

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