DIAMOND in the RUFF Rescue & Rehab

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WE ARE A NO KILL ORGANIZATION ~ Headquartered in Seneca SC, with foster homes throughout South Carolina. We are committed to giving dogs and cats a second chance at life. These pets in our care come from various sources, personal owners, animal control, strays and from high kill shelters. These animals find themselves homeless from a variety of reasons, frequently at no fault of the pet. We provide veterinarian care for these pets, restoring them to proper health, while the pets stay in our foster homes, which provide an emotionally stimulating and happy environment. Foster homes also ensure that the pet has been properly socialized, both with humans and other pets.

Conventional rescues and shelters have people who are paid for their time and efforts. All positions at Diamond in the Ruff Rescue & Rehab are filled by volunteers, including the Director’s position, leaving a hundred percent of every dollar raised, to the care and maintenance of the dogs. We believe no pet should be forced to suffer because of man's neglect or of genetic deformity. Each pet given to us is a gift to be treasured. Gandhi once said “You can tell the character of people by the way they treat their animals.” Please help us in our endeavors to make a difference, one pet at a time.

Our adoption process includes an application which can either be filled out online or at one of our off-site events. Our adoption coordinator will review the application with you, to ensure that the right pet goes to the right family. We operate along the lines of a dating service, matching personalities and interests. While our pets are healthy and emotionally well-rounded (unless noted otherwise), we understand that high energy dogs won’t be happy in an apartment with only one walk a day. We also understand that some dogs are couch potatoes and won’t be thrilled to go on a 5 mile long hike with you. Many hours of love, medical treatment, behavioral modification, and training go into our pets, to ensure their well-being and happiness. In adopters, we look for those who would like to have a companion pet as part of their family - people that are willing and determined to spend the needed time, love, and money in maintaining their pet's proper physical and emotional well being, for life.


Many dogs come to Diamond in the Ruff with physical disabilities. While some do require significant vetting, most just need someone to take the time to work with them and teach them to live normal and happy lives. DTR has taught many deaf dogs how to understand sign command and have successfully placed them in loving homes. Special needs animals have unrelenting, unconditional love to give and so much to teach us about both themselves and ourselves.



Diamond in the Ruff Rescue & Rehab Inc. is not a division of County Government and therefore is supported solely by your generous donations. Unfortunately, most dogs come to us with an expensive medical problem, and we do not turn them away. It is because of such donations that we are able to continue our work. We would like to thank all of you who have donated in the past and all those who have yet to donate.

Monetary donations help pay for medical supplies and rising vet bills from ailments and surgeries, including spay and neuter. We had a family of dachshunds undergo dental work, racking up a bill of over $800! Recently, there has been an influx of dogs who have been heartworm positive. Heartworm treatments run between $300 and $500 PER DOG!


What we would like most of all would be a community that didn't abandon dogs. We understand that in some cases, it is a necessity, but in others, time and patience can help most problems. We are always here to offer basic information and pass along contact information for an animal behaviorist, who can work with you and your dog in your home. First and foremost, we would like anyone considering turning in their dog to take steps to try to rectify whatever situation exists.

If you've made every effort possible to help your dog keep your home, please contact us, and we'll do the best we can. Presently we are a foster home based organization. Until our no kill shelter is built, we can not take in every pet needing rescue because of the lack of available foster homes. BUT we are still willing to help YOU. If we are unable to take a pet in, we will cross post to other rescues and individuals for you. We also have a transport program, shipping animals to other rescues in the north.

However in order to help you, we need your help. We will need you to provide pictures of the pet needing rescue and information about that pet. Give all details known such as any vetting that has been done, health concerns, temperament, age, breed, sex, and include contact information for us or another organization to contact you by.

We are not a division of county government and receive NO government funding, but rely solely on donations from the public. Therefore a turn in donation is required for pets coming into our organization.


ADOPT A NEW PET and receive PetSmart coupon booklets (sponsored by Purina Pro Plan) for discounts on collars/harnesses/leads/leashes, bowls, beds, food, and more!

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DIAMOND in the RUFF Rescue & Rehab

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