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Welcome to Dogwood Farm Kennels! Located in Green Creek, North Carolina at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in beautiful Polk County. Our family provides boarding and grooming for all sizes and breeds. As soon as you step onto our farm, you will experience the difference in the care we offer your pet.

When we decided to open our kennels, we knew that we had to have a place nice enough to board our own pets, with pleasant surroundings, loving care, and wide open spaces.

Our kennels provide individual runs as well as oversized runs for multiple pets. In fact, our largest kennel has 80 sq. ft. of indoor space with 170 sq ft. of outside run area - enough for a family of dogs. Your dog will have over an acre of outdoor play area as well. We are family-owned and operated and we'll treat your pet as one of our own.

Our family brings an interesting mix to our business. Joshua is the Top Dog at the kennels and is a bit of a dog whisperer in his own right. He evaluates each dog for compatibility in play groups so that playtime is a safe time for your dog. He can also help you work on behavioral issues, like leash training, with your dog. Astrid provides an extra gentle touch when it comes to caring for all of our four legged guests. She makes sure that even the smallest dogs feel comfortable. No matter how scared they may be at first, Astrid will give them extra special attention.

Not only have we been caring for and grooming dogs for almost 20 years but Wendy and Stuart are also professional nurse practitioners. Our health care backgrounds bring an added touch of awareness about your pet's health as well as the ability to easily care for any special needs your dog might have. Please let us know in advance if your pet has any special health care needs.



Please call ahead for reservations. Advanced reservations are particularly important for weekends, holidays, and during the summer months. Of course, we will do our best to help you out in an emergency provided we have space available.

There will be a $10 charge for all Sunday pick-ups and drop-offs. Sunday pick-ups and drop-offs are by appointment only and between 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. Check out is Noon. Check out's after noon will be charged for the day of boarding. Ask about pick-up and drop-off services.

These holidays require a 3-night minimum reservation: New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th week, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will gladly accept your pet for less than 3 nights at these times but there will still be a 3-night minimum fee. We do not permit check-in or check-out on the actual holiday.

Dogs under 25 pounds boarding for 7 consecutive nights or more receive a complimentary going home bath. Dogs over 25 pounds will receive a 50% discount on a going home bath.

SMALL Kennel: $15 per night ($12 for additional small dog in the same kennel)
Our small kennels have an indoor area of 5 feet by 4 1/2 feet with an outdoor fenced run that measures 14 feet by 5 feet.

MEDIUM Kennels $18 per night ($15 for additional small dog in the same kennel)
Our medium kennels have an indoor area of 6 feet by 5 feet with an outdoor fenced run that measures 14 feet by 5 feet.

LARGE Kennel: $22 per night ($18 for additional dog in the same kennel)
Our large kennels have an indoor area of 10 feet by 6 feet with outdoor fenced runs ranging from 14 feet by 10 feet to 17 feet by 10 feet.

All of our kennels contain an elevated and ventilated fabric bed for each dog as well as an individual heater in the winter. Please feel free to bring your dog's bed from home (favorite toys as well). We do reserve the right to determine the appropriate size kennel for your dog(s). We will not place a large dog or group of dogs in a kennel that is too small for their size. There is a State of NC statute regulating enclosure size based on the size of the dog.


$15 per day. Daycare is M-F from 8am to 6pm and does not include holidays. All Boarding dogs are welcome to join our Daycare Program at no additional charge.


Food: There will be a $2 charge per day if we provide food

Flea Treatment: $5 (required if fleas are seen)

Medication: $2 per day will cover up to 3 doses

We are proud to offer a 10% discount to all first-responders and all active military families as well as to staff & volunteers at Hospice of the Carolina Foothills. We now offer 10% off to the wonderful team of teachers at Polk Central Elementary.

We welcome the opportunity to care for your dog and make him or her feel like part of our family. Come visit us and experience the warm and loving atmosphere of Dogwood Farm Kennels - your dog's home away from home.

CHECK OUT our Grooming page on GreenvillePetCONNECT!

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By: emily, 03-01-2017
Incredible Care: Incredible Relief
Oh my Gosh!! I cannot believe I found such a great place! When I first adopted my dog JAS from a shelter in Georgia, I was really feeling guilty because I travel to California once a month for 4 or 5 days. The poor little guy had been in a shelter several times and he had a bad habit of climbing fence they told me. So many friends said they took there dog to this dog farm that would be great for him so I went to check it out before flying out. At first, Dogwood Farms was reluctant to keep him because they did not want to have to tether him. Neither did I but I did not know what to do. JAS can scale a fence army style! Josh insisted that he had to be in a reasonable size run to be fair and I totally agreed. We tried it several times and he loved being with the other dogs, but he wanted to PLAY with the big dogs and we wanted him to also. Under Josh's care, JAS developed a relationship with him immediately, (and the rest of the family), and Josh believed he was ready this last time I flew out.

JAS got to run with the big dogs all weekend!!

Josh said the first day his fur was up, but he got used to it and WAH-LAH! I have a happy, happy dog that was so tired this last time! Snoop-Dog tired! He rolled and frolicked and sniff and sunned. It is all captured on last month's big dog photos! JAS is the smallest big dog that kind of looks like a huge Jack Russell and Corgi. (Mainly white, brown spots). I could see him smiling in the shots they took. It was such a relief! It is often obvious I need him more than he needs me, but to be able to leave and know he is happy means the world to me. Giving this dog a good home means everything to me and I feel like the most responsible thing I can do is leave him in the best possible hands when I travel. Knowing he is being socialized and cared for by people who have a solid ethical fortitude makes me feel so relieved. Not only is Dogwood Farm Kennel providing the best care for JAS, they are doing it in such a way that I can only feel I have some sort of bragging rights. Their commitment to what they do, the way they do it, and their own personal exampled living are impressive; their stance on humane animal care, environmental concerns, as well as family values and economical independence rock. I'm so grateful for them.

By: user, 03-01-2017
100% peace-of-mind
As any dog lover knows, boarding pets when traveling can be terribly stressful – both for the dogs and the owners. We've had several bad experiences at other kennels, with dogs coming home filthy, skinny and sick or mangled after terrible fights.
We were delighted to find Dogwood Farms.
I knew right away they were in for a very different experience: the kennel itself is clean, airy and supremely comfortable. The accommodations included cots so doggies' hips don't get sore sleeping on concrete. The big (HUGE) yards offer plenty of opportunity for exercise and sunshine, and separate areas for friendly dogs and little dogs and quiet dogs who want to be alone.
Josh and Astrid have a natural working affinity with dogs; the seem to make friends with each pup quickly. They are very tuned-in to how the pack is getting along and do a good job helping the animals establish new friendships. While we traveled, they sent us pictures of our little friends playing with their new pack. It sure put our minds at ease.
When we picked them up after eight days they were healthier than when we dropped them off, happy and content. It was so cool to know that our pets enjoyed the vacation every bit as much as we humans did! Even though Dogwood farms is an hour's drive for us, we will definitely board our pets there again. I wholeheartedly recommend Dogwood Farms to anyone who loves their pet.

By: jrjohnsonfarm, 03-01-2017
My babies ADORE the hydrowash!

By: jnsdemilt, 10-18-2013
Great choice for boarding and grooming!
We were new to the neighborhood and decided to try Dogwood Farm Kennels to keep our dogs for a couple days. The facility a great, laid back place for the dogs and the family is very caring. They had a "suite" to share and plenty of area to play! We will be using them again for our next trip!
When I was leaving, Josh mentioned his mom, Wendy does grooming. I recently called her for help with our Goldendoodle and her constant matting. She gave me some great tips and tricks and trimmed my girl right up! She looks great and I am sure feels better, too! Thank you, Dogwood Farm Kennels!
DOGWOOD FARM KENNELS Boarding, Daycare & Grooming

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