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Based in Greenville, South Carolina but serving the North American continent.

Animals have done a fabulous job of decoding what we say to them, and they have learned to respond, but most people have never closed the loop by learning the animal's language and hearing what they have to say back to us. That's where an animal communicator comes in - to help you know what our beloved animals want to share with us, and to answer some of those questions we might have for them.

Animals tend to communicate through our senses. We communicators may see, hear or smell the things they experience. We may detect a weakness in our bodies where they may feel pain, and we most certainly get exuberant feelings when they express their joy.

How is this done? It's very simple, really. Most of us work from a picture of your companion animal. This helps us key into them. We give them a hello and the conversation begins! And this works just as well for animals who have passed into the spirit world because they still have things they would like for you to know.

I am also an animal chaplain, so if I can help you with a celebration of a new member of your animal family, or the celebration of the end of a life, let me know!


Animal communication is such an exciting world - and very full of surprises. An animal communicator acts as a translator between you and your animal companion. Human and animal clients are always treated with compassion.

You may want to contact Jann for a variety of reasons:

• Behavioral issues that you can't seem to resolve with your animal companion
Vacation or absences from your animal to ease the difficulties of separation
Adopting a new animal to be sure the fit works
• Adding a new family member so your animal will still feel important
• Sick or dying animals - to communicate with your animal's spirit
• An animal who has died - to reassure you they are still with you
• Curiosity

At the beginning of your session Jann will connect with your animal with your concerns. Your companion animal and I will communicate back and forth as I ask for clarification, or probe more deeply for answers. Many times the animal is requesting help from me and that will be communicated to you once we resolve that issue.

Healing may take the form of Reiki (channeling the life force into healing), other energy work such as resealing the aura, muscle testing (in person only; it locates weaknesses in the body), flower essences, or a combination of all.If your animal is sick, please contact your vet. Jann can give additional information, but cannot replace the work your vet can do.

Lost Animals ~
Lost animals are in distress and they don't read English signs so they are most difficult to find. Jann sees what the animal sees - houses, trees, roads, but no street signs or even store signs. For this reason she does not work with finding lost animals.

You can help your pet find his/her way home by imagining or visualizing a golden cord going from your heart to your animal. It is important that you stay calm so your animal can key into you. If you project anxiety, your animal may sense your turmoil and may become more disoriented.


Keep in mind that your animals have been hearing you all along. They know what you want them to know. What you might need me for is to see what they want you to know.
Sessions begin with introductions - between Jann and the animal. You may ask whatever questions you may have. This usually starts a conversation between you and your animal - and Jann's the interpreter. Sometimes the animal will have comments for you - something like - I like the food you give me, or - could you get me a different collar? They usually have reasons for this and these will be conveyed to you.

During the session, all concerns are addressed - from you as well as your animal. When these are satisfied, Jann will say thank you to your animal and will close the conversation with them first. Then you and Jann will conclude our conversation. It's very much like when you meet people for the first time. You introduce yourselves, make a little small talk, get to the heart of matters, and then you say goodbye.


In the 1980s Jann realized she had a special gift of communicating with animals. She took animal communicator classes from Debbie McGillivray, Tera Thomas, Penelope Smith and Carol Gurney as well as classes in meditation, healing, clairvoyance, herbs and Reiki. (She is now a Reiki Master). She has been working with energies and talking to animals for more than 25 years.

She is an avid hiker and that has allowed her to speak with wild animals. These beautiful creatures are so different in their communications because they have not adapted to mankind but rather observed us. She also traveled to Kenya and spoke with many of those animals and talked with animals in the rainforest in Peru. She has hiked in many US national forests and spoken with North American wild animals. On a trip to Florida she swam and spoke with the manatees.

She has been quoted in Species Link magazine (currently transitioning to an online publication) and was a featured animal communicator on Floppy Cats. She donates readings to auctions sponsored by various rescue groups.


All sessions include communication and healing of animals who wish it. Rarely, an animal does not wish to communicate. At that time Jann will decide to terminate the session and you will receive a full refund.

PHONE SESSIONS: These must be pre-paid according to the chart below. When notification of payment is received, you will be contacted via email to schedule a mutually agreeable time. At the time of your appointment, you will call the phone number sent to you. Please note that phone sessions are equally as effective as in person sessions. When communicating spirit to spirit, distance is irrelevant.

IN PERSON SESSIONS: Jann will make on site calls within a 15 mile radius of downtown Greenville with a minimum of two hour reading (multiple animals). Contact us for scheduling house/barn calls for greater distances.


"When an animal who has been part of your family for years passes away, the grief and loss can be profound. Such is the case when we had to say goodbye to our 17 year old yorkiepoo. We knew that she was in a better place, but we longed to speak with her. Where was she? Did she hear us when we called her name and spoke to her? Did she know that we loved and missed her? All of those questions were answered and so, so much more when we contacted Jann..."
"We have also had several communications with our new dog, a rescue who had some behavioral issues. Jann’s communication with him was very helpful in understanding the issues that were affecting him and how we could help him. In only a few months time, he has made great strides and we know that he is well on his way to become the loving and well adjusted dog we know he can be.
So, if you are grieving for a lost animal companion, or want to learn more about one that shares your life, you will benefit greatly from Jann’s compassion, experience and understanding: she truly has a gift."
- Sheila and Don

"Jann works with my Champ and I can attest to her success with him. He screamed his head off and was in quite a state at the beach last year even with another dog in the room. Due to his seizures, I try to keep him as stress free as possible. I was miserable every time I had to leave him, but I can't take him everywhere. He was even doing this at home when I left, even though my husband and son were right there with him. I took him to see Jann before I went to the beach this year and she worked with him and told me some things to do to reassure him and it was absolutely amazing. He never whimpered, I didn't have to fight him to get out the door, and sometimes, he would even just be on the bed watching as I would leave. It made it SO much better for both of us."
- Ann O

"When I read the readings for my two animals, my mouth was literally left hanging open. This communicator has amazing talent and even convinced my skeptic husband (this is the first communicator he truly felt connected with our animals). She can work with any species (she talked to my dog and my rat) and has a knack for getting them to open up. My rat was abused before she came to us and I really didn't feel Jann would be able to work with her, but she was so spot on with things that I have never divulged that I know it was real. Even when the images she told me about didn't make sense to her, they made perfect sense to us. If you need help with a behavioral or emotional problem your animal has, she will definitely be able to help, no doubt in my mind at all!"
- Emily K.

Read More Testimonials @ www.scanimalcommunicator.com/testimonials.htm

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By: jrjohnsonfarm, 10-19-2011
I will be forever grateful to Jann for answering some very difficult questions. She has given me the power to heal. The things she relayed to me ONLY myself and my beloved dog knew about. You will have the same experience rest assured. Jann has a VERY beautiful gift- you will know it the moment you talk with her! I am even giving her sessions as gifts for my family and friends.
Need to heal? Need to know? Call Jann

By: lisbethmoore, 10-18-2011
Well, being the skeptics we are, we decided to try Jann out, especially if we were going to recommend her! We must admit that she is the real thing!

If you've never tried an Animal Communicator, your are missing out. Jann connected very easily with our fur babies, and gave us wonderful insight into their little minds. She read their personalities perfectly, and we even got a few requests from them!

If you are having problems with your pets, or just want to hear what they have to "say"... contact Jann... You won't regret it! And check out her website for more detailed explanations of what she does.
JANN HOWELL   ~   Animal Communicator and Animal Chaplain

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