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The MuttKnee Brace is a comfortable, neoprene brace designed to support and stabilize a canine knee after injury such as a torn or ripped cruciate ligament (ACL) or other knee injuries. It is for those dogs where surgery is not a feasible option for their healing process due to excessive costs or the age and health of the dog.

We make the MuttKnee Brace as a custom fitted brace that is designed and individually sewn from the seven measurements provided on our measurement page.

The MuttKnee Brace is adjustable in 5 different areas to personalize the most comfortable fit for your dog. The neoprene thickness is determined by the dogs’ size and weight so that the knee is supported but usable for the dog without too much constraint when getting up or lying down.
It is easy to put on your dog - just slide your dogs' leg into the brace adjusting the velcro at the top and bottom, latch the buckle to connect the two sides, and latch the brace onto the harness. It's quick and easy for the dog and human.

The MuttKnee Brace is used in conjunction with a harness that has a attachment ring on top of the dog's back or neck. We provide a FREE harness with each Muttknee Brace purchase.

We are a family of rescue dog owners and not veterinarians. The MuttKnee Brace is intended to help and improve the quality of life for dogs that have injured their knees and surgery is not a feasible option. It is NOT a medical device. The MuttKnee Brace is NOT INTENDED to be worn 24/7 but during times of activity.

The MuttKnee Brace is a supportive brace that stabilizes your dog's injured knee and helps to reduce the pain associated with the unstable knee joint and allows your dog to walk on all four legs again. Some dogs injure one knee and then injure the other knee as a result of unequal distribution of their weight. We are also able to make a double brace for dogs with both of their knees either weak or injured and in need of support.

For each MuttKnee Brace purchased, $5 is donated to animal rescue organizations, both on a local and national level.


"My nine year old lab Zaeda, has had knee problems since she was a puppy; she even had TPLO knee surgery on her right knee when she was 3 years old. Between the right knee being fixed and limiting her activity levels I was able to keep her left knee “functional” until she took off unexpectedly one day chasing a ball. She completely tore up her left knee and could barely walk or weight bear on it at all. Once we put the Mutt Knee Brace on her she was able to bear her full weight on the knee and even run around a little which she had not done in a few years! I am amazed by the improvement in her mobility with the Mutt Knee Brace! It has truly been an alternative to another very expensive knee surgery and has given my girl her quality of life back. Thank you Mutt Knee Brace!!!"
~ Ruth in Colo.

"Lievert is with me and wearing his brace. We take it off him occasionally to give him some time without it – although he does not seem to mind it at all. The effects have been quite noticeable as he does not now hardly show any signs of pain or sensitivity to his leg. For the first time last weekend he actually raised his uninjured leg to pee instead of his other one. That was the first time I noticed him doing that as until then, he had ALWAYS raised the injured one while standing on his “good” one! I think he is doing much better and will have to determine when we think it is time to take it off him altogether. Thank you for the time you have taken with Lievert and for the services you have provided him/us. I will stay in touch."
~ David in GA

"Tippy is has been doing great with the brace. She has gone from walking with her leg lifted about 70% before the brace to walking just about normally with the brace on. It took a few days to get the straps all just right for her to be comfortable, but since we've gotten it just right it doesn't seem to bother her at all. Thank you so much for not only making this brace at a reasonable price but for your quick delivery of the product. It's been about a month that she's been wearing the brace and we couldn't be happier with the results we're seeing. I'll give you an updated in about another month or so to let you know how she's doing. I'm hoping she will be able to walk normally without the brace around that time."
~ Karen and Tippy

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