Hi there,
I have a mastiff pit mx. He has been losing hair for some time now and it's virtually gone from his tail. He has patches down the length of him where the hair has fallen out and stopped growing. What could be causing this? Also he is very smelly even after a bath! 

~ Dodie


The symptoms you are describing, hair loss and skin odor, can be caused by several things.  Fleas, flea allergy, environmental allergy and skin parasites are some of the things that may cause this.  These are all things that can be treated, so I would definitely try to see your vet as soon as possible.  Your vet will want to see your dog's skin and possibly run some simple tests like a skin scrape to check for mites, a flea check and a test to look for skin infections.  Good luck and hope this helps!

Donna Lambert, DVM