Pet Tender Angels

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The people at Pet Tender Angels believe that all living creatures deserve a chance to have a good life.

Lori Jewell founded Pet Tender Angels on this philosophy. Her vision for Pet Tender Angels is to provide a place where dogs in need can find sanctuary, shelter, and rehabilitation. The goal of Pet Tender Angels is to help the dogs to be adopted into loving homes.

The dogs who have been through Pet Tender Angels’ program have surpassed anyone’s expectations. They believed in us, and we believed in them. As a result, we have found permanent, loving homes for hundreds of dogs.


There are so many ways to help the dogs at Pet Tender Angels. Below we've listed some of the areas we could use assistance in the most. Take a look to see what you can do to help!


Whether its feeding the dogs, grooming them, or just going with them for a nice long walk, we're always glad for smiling faces. Who wouldn't want to stop by to work for an hour or two in exchange for wagging tales and a few doggie licks! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kathryn Perkins at for more information.


Maybe you'd like to sponsor a dog each month (check out the details on our "Sponsor A Dog" page) or make a donation to Pet Tender Angels. We'll use your donation to pay for desperately needed canine essentials such as heartworm medication, flea treatment, pineshavings, dog food (Pedigree or Science Diet) or help with other supplies or services such as ongoing vet/medical services for our pups (heartworm treatment, spay & neuters, shots & other vet services). We depend on donations to keep the shelter in operation. Donations in ANY amount are greatly appreciated. And your donations are tax-deductible!


We are always grateful for donated supplies. We are in GREAT need of large and extra large igloos, flea treatment (Frontline, Advantix or Advantage), dog treats, and gently used towels.

MONTHLY ADOPTIONS at PetSmart and Petco

Be sure to come out to visit with us and meet our dogs at our adoption locations, the PetSmart on Woodruff Road and the Petco at Cherrydale. Please call us for times and event details. Who knows, your new forever friend may just be waiting for you!

Want to help, but can't adopt?

Then consider sponsoring a dog instead. By sponsoring a dog you will be providing for its monthly care at Pet Tender Angels and be kept posted on your dog until they are adopted.

Be sure to check out our different sponsorship levels. If you've seen a dog on our PetFinder listing and are ready to get started, click the donate button below. Make sure to indicate which dog you'd like to sponsor!

GOLD Level - $30 per month

The Gold Level sponsorship provides your dog with the following items:

* Flea and heartworm medication
* A month's supply of dog food
* Annual vaccinations
* Your name listed as your dog's sponsor on its PetFinder listing
* A photo of your sponsored dog

SILVER Level - $20 per month

The Silver Level sponsorship provides your dog with the following items:

* Flea medication
* A month's supply of dog food
* Your name listed as your dog's sponsor on its PetFinder listing

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Pet Tender Angels

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