The Community Pet Project

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The Community Pet Project's Mission

The Community Pet Project is a non-profit organization committed to raising funds that will help those in Greenville County who cannot afford necessary pet care. These funds will drive our mission to see that no animal (dog, cat, bird, horse, etc...) in our community is denied immediate medical services, essential grooming, or food.

In providing these services, we can eliminate the heart-breaking decisions often made by pet owners to deny care - leading to a pet’s miserable existence, deny treatment - often resulting in a painful recovery or death, euthanasia of a treatable pet, acts of abandonment or starvation, or the decision to relinquish the pet to an overpopulated shelter due to a financial inability to treat or care for the pet.

With everyone's support in the community, we can put in place this safety net for all pet owners living in the county - should any one of us need a place to turn in troubled times. By doing so, we can ensure that no animal goes without the care that they so deserve. And, by establishing this new standard of care, we not only demonstrate how we view the treatment of animals in our community, but we put in place a standard for other communities to follow.

Therefore, please donate. The funds you provide today, just may be the funds used tomorrow for your pet should you need a place to turn.

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The Community Pet Project

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